The only way to just 'Get Things Done'.

Reduce planning overload by combining your task lists and your document creation into one single space.

Manage tasks

Create tasks, set due dates, Today/Tomorow/Later & more.

Create projects

Group your tasks into projects & sub-projects.

Document editing

Expand your task details with a fully featured document editor.

Share the task

Create a sharable link for others to view.


It's a great platform for task management and annotation. Easy to use and very straightforward to share notes.
Bibek Rimal - Developer
I use task lists all day long, so now I can add so much more into my tasks, it makes me a lot more productive.
Kitty Chopaka - Activist
I find using too many systems to achieve a simple task is disruptive, inefficient and slows the my process down. Having it all in one place helps me to get things done.
Ben Reeves - Journalist & Editor

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